Healthy Fish Food Booster 5.0 Oz For Dogs

Healthy Fish Food Booster 5.0 Oz For Dogs

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Our «Fish Food Booster» is a truly unique product. Formulated using all-natural ingredients to enhance your dog’s appetite, boost digestion & improve the overall immune system of your dog. Just add 1/2 teaspoon into your dog’s food to offer the health boost your dog’s need. Excellent for picky dogs, allergenic dogs and also for those who are on a special prescription diet. 

Suitable for dogs of all sizes & ages - Low in fat - Free of hormones & antibiotics - No artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives, salt, sugar, and wheat.

Excellent taste 


Gently Air-Dried

Anti-inflammatory & rich in antioxidants

Weight: 5 oz

Ingredients: Salmon, turkey, cranberry, mint, turmeric, flax, chia, hemp seeds, seaweed. 

Shipping: We ship to anywhere in the United States.