Natural Dehydrated Lamb Treats for Dogs

DogDeli's natural lamb dehydrated treats for dogs are an excellent source of essential amino acids and dietary fats, which stimulate energy production and muscle development in active, younger dogs.

Since sheep get pastured on free ranges, their meat contains higher amounts of Omega-3. Its antioxidant properties may become an essential factor in choosing lamb treats for your dog. This is also the reason why many vets recommend lamb treats for older dogs, as well.

Dog treats made with lamb meat will be an excellent alternative for a pet, who has got a sensitive digestive system and may be allergic to chicken or beef proteins.

Packed with:

  • Essential amino acids
  • Healthy dietary fat
  • Iron and Omega-3
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Our delicious Ā«Lamb SausagesĀ» will support the immune system and offer the energy boost your dog nee..
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