7 Dog Training Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

When you adopt a dog, you are adopting a new member of your family. Inviting a dog into your life is incredibly rewarding and comes with multiple benefits, however, just like a child, a dog needs to be taught what is and what isn't acceptable behavior. To have the most positive relationship with your beloved pet, it is important you train them properly. If this seems quite overwhelming, don’t worry! Below we outline 7 training tips that everyone should know to make training your dog as easy as possible…

dog training tips

1. It’s never too early (or late!) to start training

It is important to teach your puppy early on what is and isn't allowed. This way positive behavior will become natural to them and they will grow up being able to follow commands. Alternatively, if you have an older dog you wish to train, this is just as achievable. Luckily most dogs have a natural desire to please their owners and this means that although training an older dog may take longer than a puppy, it is possible.

2. Constantly reinforce positive behavior

Once you start training it is important to supervise your dog as much as possible so you can reinforce good behavior and teach them desirable traits. Positive reinforcement is the best way to communicate to a dog you are happy with them, so ensure to give out plenty of praise, hugs, and treats when they are doing what they are told. Equally, if a dog is misbehaving place them in a time out but never shout or physically harm your dog as this is counterintuitive to the training process.

3. Establish a routine and stick to it

If a dog knows when it will be fed and what time it will be taken on a walk, it will not whine or beg throughout the day. Create a routine that suits your lifestyle and try to stick to it whenever possible as this will help your dog learn to not disturb you when you are busy.

4. Never shout during potty training

Unfortunately, puppies tend to have a habit of going to the bathroom indoors, particularly on carpets. If such an occasion does arise never shout, as this will scare and confuse the dog, instead just guide them to an appropriate bathroom spot. 

5. Invest in toys

Like children, puppies go through teething stages and will try to bite everything close to them. To avoid them biting your furniture, or even you, ensure they have ample toys for teething and give them these toys if they begin biting other items.

6. Teach your dog their name

Avoid giving your dog a name that sounds too similar to 'sit' or 'come' as this may cause confusion during the training process. Whenever you call your dog by name and it responds, make sure to reward them well. If they do not respond, place them on a leash and gently make them come to you.

7. Train with the correct dog treats

Effective dog training requires lots of positive praise in the form of dog treats, unfortunately, many dog training treats on the market are fattening to dogs as they are either empty calories or provide zero nutrition. Dogdeli treats are both nutritious and delicious for dogs, making them the perfect treat for dog training. Learn more about Dogdeli products here and good luck with your training!


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