DOGDELI handcrafts dehydrated premium dog treats and chews in Florida. Our mission is to make treats for dogs using only high-quality and all-natural ingredients that are sourced from trusted suppliers.

Like other companies, ours started out of a need to make good food for our dogs after finding nothing available commercially that they'd eat. Our two Yorkshire terriers had special dietary requirements: Nancy was picky and had a sensitive stomach, and Simona, unfortunately, had to deal with food allergies. 

We wanted our dogs to have tasty food that wouldn't aggravate their health problems. We aren't unusual in considering our dogs to be like our own kids, and we want to give them both healthy food and delicious treats that they'd enjoy eating.

Of course, we tried to find commercially available foods that would work, but nothing did. Our dogs simply couldn't or would not eat what we bought for them. That left us with only one option: to make the food ourselves. After studying the nutrition needs of dogs and speaking with vets to make sure we were on the right track -- we wanted to have the right balance of nutrition you'd find in commercial food -- we set out to create food that our dogs would adore.

And great news -- the dogs ate what we made for them with gusto. Even better, they didn't have any bad reactions or show signs that their health problems were flaring up.

Our next step was to try making dog treats. We knew the treats had to taste good, obviously! But we also wanted the treats to have some nutrition in them and not just be empty calories for the dogs. We also wanted the ingredients to be as high-quality as possible and not lose any nutrients in the process of making the treats.

We figured out that dehydrating the food was the best course of action, especially because we were using raw products. The treats were made of meat, and drying the meat allowed us to preserve all the good nutritional values along with all the flavor -- and we didn't have to add any strange preservatives or odd-sounding ingredients to ensure the treats stayed tasty. Dehydration worked wonderfully for these raw products. Of course, then we realized what we had on our hands, and our family experiment became a family business. 

Dogs may be able to eat vegetarian diets, but we think dogs are really predators who need that meat to stay at the top of their game. Our dog treats have been enjoyed by so many dogs all across the country, and we want your dog to enjoy them too. This has been a labor of love, and we hope your dog loves our dog treats.