As it often happens our own dissatisfaction has become the push to the creation of our own business. Our story begins with two small Yorkshire terriers: Nancy - a very picky dog with a sensitive stomach and Simona, who is prone to food allergies. 

We love our dogs very much and care about them and see if they were children. And of course, we as many other pet parents want to feed our dogs with healthy natural food and spoil them with tasty and completely natural and useful treats.

We’ve tried all or almost all dog food brands from the pet food market. But nothing worked for our dogs. We studied everything related to healthy nutrition of dogs. We consulted with vets. So finally, having known the recommended balance and ingredients, we decided to make food for our dogs ourselves.

We transitioned from dry to wet food fairly easily (in just a few days) and this was exactly what we wanted. Now we knew for sure what our dog food consists of. And our dogs ate with pleasure and did not demonstrate any negative reactions.

Then we attempted to make dog treats ourselves. We had several tasks to complete:

1. The food had to be tasty because otherwise it would not get eaten.
2. It should be nutritious - we wanted to add useful ingredients to meat
3. It had to be prepared from fresh products of high-quality.
4. It had to preserve all the useful qualities.

The dehydration process was the best solution in this case.
Moisture removal from raw products by drying meat at low temperatures allowed to preserve all nutrients and flavors in meat and vegetables, without adding the preservatives. Our way of cooking dog treats allows preserving all the valuable qualities of raw meat.

We are convinced that a dog is a predator, whose natural food is meat. And so our family business appeared. Now we make dog treats that are loved not only by our dogs but also by thousands of dogs all over the United States. And we love what we do very much.