Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the meat in your treats from?

  • All of our meats are human grade, USDA approved, high quality meats from the USA. The only meat we use in our treats that are not from the USA is lamb, which is from New Zealand.

Do I need to refrigerate my purchase if I don’t use it right away?

  • No! Our treats are dehydrated, meaning they’re naturally preserved by removing moisture. You should keep our dog treats in a dry place.

How long do these treats last before they go bad?

  • Our treats are good for 6-12 months when stored in a dry place.

How do you choose ingredients?

  • We follow vet recommendations, our personal experience and background knowledge to create our tasty treats! We never add salt, sugar, starch, or preserves of any kind. We only use fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and seeds to make our treats more nutritional and healthy for your pups!

Which treats do you recommend for picky eaters?

Which treats do you recommend for dogs with allergies?

  • Our rabbit treats, pork scallopini, venison, goat, elk and wild boar treats are perfect for dogs with allergies!

Which treats are best for joint support?

  • We offer a wide selection of joint support dog chews that are made with glucosamine,chondroitin and calcium to help support joints and keep your pup strong.

Which treats are good for senior dogs that have oral problems or only a few teeth?

  • We have easy-to-chew treats made from ground meat, grass fed beef and lamb. Also thinly sliced chicken jerky is great for dogs with oral issues!

Which treats are good for puppies?

  • We sell chews for small, medium and large puppies. You can find delicious chews for all puppies sizes on our site!

Are your chews safe?

  • Yes! Our unique chews are absolutely safe and fully digestible for all dogs to consume.

If my dog was diagnosed with kidney disease, what treats do you recommend?

  • A low protein diet is recommended by veterinarians if your pup has kidney disease. We have formulated special treats with only 15% of chicken breast, pumpkin and sushi rice with some healthy additions: turmeric (natural antioxidant), ground flax seed, and milk thistle powder (natural detox).You can also opt for protein free treats (sweet potato and veggie dessert). Also, if your dog is not happy with prescription food, you can add a pinch of our food booster (except fish) to enhance their appetite.

My dog is on a strict low fat diet, what treats do you recommend?

  • Our rabbit, chicken and wild boar treats are the best for pups on a low fat diet.

What is your refund policy if my dog doesn’t like the treats?

  • We can say proudly that 99% of our customers are satisfied, but if your dog doesn’t like our treats, we will send you a full refund including shipping within the first 14 days.

When will I receive my package after I order?

  • We usually ship the same or next business day via USPS Priority or UPS Ground.
  • Estimated delivery for our treats is about 2-3 business days.

Do you offer free shipping?

  • Yes. Free Shipping is applicable only for orders of $75 orr more.

Can I ask for samples so my dog can try out some treats?

  • Yes. We send samples with each order, but you can request which treats you want your dog to try!

Are your treats made in the USA?

  • Yes! We sell what we have prepared ourselves from meat sourced and raised in USA. We are not resellers. All of our treats are cooked in small batches in our South Florida Kitchen.