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  • How Dehydrated Dog Treats Revolutionize Pet Nutrition

    Unleash the revolution in dog treats! Discover the irresistible world of dehydrated goodness—packed with nutrition, longer shelf life, and tail-wagging flavors. Treat your pet right!

  • Finding Age Appropriate Treats for Your Dog

    Making sure we’re giving our dogs the best treats is something that changes as they age. Read to learn which treats are right for your dog!

  • Guide to Giving Your Dog Treats Without Over Feeding Them

    Dogs are among some of the smartest animals, which is why they make such great companions. They can be trained to perform a wide range of actions ...
  • Top 5 Reasons You Should Treat Your Dog to Rabbit Meat

    Rabbit is a great source of protein and vitamins! Rabbit has a higher protein content than other common meats found in pet treats: higher than chicken, pork, veal, duck, or lamb! Rabbit’s high protein and B12 content will keep your dog energized, and the amino acids present in rabbit meat will help repair muscles.
  • Dehydrated Chicken Feet: The Benefits!

    Americans love their dogs, and these four-legged companions are much more to us than simple pets. Loyal, devoted and loving, your dog is always right there when you've had a hard day at work, want some company on a walk or need reminded how much you are adored. Dogs love us unconditionally, and we can repay them a bit by providing them with a healthy diet that will keep them feeling great and in peak condition.

  • Our Treats Are More Than Just Another Bag of Treats

    As a dog owner, you think of your canine friends as part of your family. Just as you would be careful with what your children eat, you are also concerned about the food your dog eats. At DOGDELI, we seek to make high-quality dog treats that are nutritious and satisfying.
  • Your Dog's Nutritional Needs

    The dog shares many of the human nutritional needs, but its optimum level of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbs, protein, fat, and fiber are different from humans’.
  • What Treats are Suitable for Diabetic Dogs?

    Don’t miss out on giving yummy treats to your dog; however, diabetic dog treats need to meet some specific guidelines. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be delicious, nutritious and appealing. Not all treats are safe, so it’s important to read labels carefully and study the ingredients.
  • Can Dogs Eat Duck Necks? Is It Safe?

    Duck necks provide a number of nutritional benefits in a dog's diet. They introduce important minerals like calcium and phosphorous as well as being a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are both known to aid joint health as dog ages and arthritis begins to settle in. Duck necks are all-natural, safe, and fully-digestible chews. They can also support canine oral health and clean teeth.
  • Can Dogs Eat Special Spices?

    When you're choosing the perfect treat for your dog, you want to look for something that's both nutritious and delicious. While there are a number of dog treats brands on the market offering different flavors and ingredients, many dog owners wonder if dogs can eat spices. Dogs don't need spices in order to stay healthy, and some spices can be detrimental to their health. But certain spices do provide nutritional benefits for our pets, especially pets with specific health conditions.
  • Why Dehydrated Chicken Chips are Good for Training?

    If you have a dog, then you know that dog treats are almost a necessity. Treats are incredibly useful for training your dog and for rewarding him for good behavior. 

    We all enjoy giving our dog a treat now and then. Often though, it is not safe to share human food with your dog. For moments like this, it is a good idea to have nutritious, healthy treats available.

  • 7 Dog Training Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

    When you adopt a dog, you are adopting a new member of your family. Inviting a dog into your life is incredibly rewarding and comes with multiple benefits, however, just like a child, a dog needs to be taught what is and what isn't acceptable behavior. To have the most positive relationship with your beloved pet, it is important you train them properly. If this seems quite overwhelming, don’t worry! Below we outline 7 training tips that everyone should know to make training your dog as easy as possible…