The Canine Diet Revolution: Natural and Nutritious Dog Treats

Feeding your dog treats makes you feel good about the care you give and deepens the bond between you. When it comes to treats, however, you have a lot of choices to select from. Treats are sold by commercial manufacturers and independent producers alike, but an independent producer has the ability to put care and effort into creating a quality treat that improves your dog's health, as opposed to being something that tastes good to your dog.

Natural dog treats are nutritious, are very similar to what your dog would eat if it were living in the wild, and make it easier for you to maintain its health. Here's a look at why buying these types of treats is best for your dog.

Why Feed Your Dog Nutritious and Natural Treats?

There are good reasons to feed your dog treats made from whole ingredients. Dogs are omnivorous, so they can eat everything from plant matter to protein and digest it easily. However, dogs do best when fed meals heavy in proteins such as beef or chicken. The dog's digestive system is geared toward meat, and it does a great job of extracting nutrients from a meat meal. Here's a look at the benefits of these types of treats.

Quality Ingredients

The ingredients used in the best soft dog treats are hand-selected and sourced from suppliers who engage in best practices for the raising of their crops and livestock. This level of husbandry results in high-quality ingredients that deliver on their nutritional promise. Feeding your dog a treat that's made from ingredients that are as close to its natural diet as possible helps your dog stay at the top of its game.

Easy to Digest

Natural dog treats are formulated to meet your dog's digestive system's function. That is, the ingredients used are minimally processed to keep them as close to nature as possible. Sometimes, a dog's stomach can't tolerate a lot of protein, but they can still enjoy low-protein dog treats that use dried root vegetables for bulk and chewing satisfaction.

Little to No Hormones

Some time ago, commercial dog treats were found to contain high levels of hormones related to a rare thyroid disorder in dogs. This issue has been corrected, but you can't be sure these dog treats are safe. Natural dog treats don't contain added hormones and eliminate the risk of your dog developing a thyroid disorder.

It's worth noting that natural dog treats made from meat will contain a small amount of hormone from the proteins used in their manufacture. However, the amounts aren't enough to affect your dog's thyroid and are safe to consume.

Satisfies Your Dog's Appetite

Treats are given for a variety of reasons, and sometimes that's to settle their need to eat. Natural dog treats don't use fillers such as soy or corn and are made from pure proteins or fibrous vegetables. Your dog enjoys having a treat between meals and feels less hungry. This also makes your dog less likely to beg for food between its meals.

Give Your Dog the Very Best in Dog Treats

At Dog Deli, we went through the process of finding a commercial dog treat that satisfied our dogs and didn't upset their stomachs. When nothing we tried worked, we learned how to make our own dog treats that made our dogs feel good. 

Come see what we have to offer on our website, or get in touch with us today to learn more about our manufacturing process. Our products are designed to give your dog the best nutrition possible while aligning with their digestive system requirements to make them happy and healthy.

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