Rewards with Benefits: The Right Way to Treat Your Dog's Health

Rewards with Benefits The Right Way to Treat Your Dog's Health

Our pets are part of the family, which means maintaining their health is a priority. Just like their human counterparts, a consistent regimen of care includes annual well-care check-ups, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and treatment for specific health issues. Other important areas that pet parents need to support are their dog’s dental care, dietary needs, and health issues. At DOGDELI, our fresh-made dehydrated products contain no additives and are designed with your pet’s health as a priority.


While your pup may be uncomfortable with having their teeth checked, you can help keep their oral health in good repair with treats designed for specific areas as well as treats that serve as a reward. For puppies who don’t have their adult teeth yet and seniors who may have dental issues or problems chewing, we have treats for them, too!

When you need the best dog teeth-cleaning treats, our dental treats come in a variety of types and flavors, such as healthy beef liver chew sticks, dehydrated pig ear chews, dehydrated chicken necks, fresh breath treats, and much more.


Pets that require a special diet also want their share of treats. This isn’t always possible for dogs with sensitive stomachs, who are limited in what other food products can be included in their diet, and picky eaters. For dogs with specialized diets, check with your veterinarian about which of the treats your pup can enjoy.

For picky eaters or those on a diet, we also carry dog food toppers to enhance their food and tempt them to eat what may be less than flavorful diet food.

Health Conditions

Like humans, pets experience health conditions, too, such as allergies, joint problems, kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity. If your pet’s veterinarian has diagnosed your dog with a condition, DOGDELI has the best healthy dog treats to ensure your pet gets the rewards they deserve without compromising their health.

Several of our products are designed for canines with health conditions. These include diabetic dog treats, joint support dog chews, low-protein treats, and treats for dogs experiencing allergies. The dog food topper is also helpful for pets with health conditions. This is especially helpful if your dog takes medication, and you use the food as a way for them to ingest it. Whichever flavor you choose – chicken, beef liver, fish, or red meat – they’ll gladly take their meds.

About Our Tasty Products and Process

All of our products are hand-picked and of the highest quality. We use only trusted suppliers in the United States for our ingredients, except lamb, which is sourced from New Zealand.

In our Florida-based and family-owned and operated business, our premium ingredients are air-dried to preserve the nutrients, keep every item flavorful, and ensure freshness for up to 12 months. Each of our natural products contains no hormones or antibiotics, and our ingredients contain no salt or sugar and are gluten-free.

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When choosing top-quality treats, visit us at DOGDELI and peruse our menu of tasty and healthy treats that are sure to please, satisfy, and enhance your dog’s taste buds. We have something for all ages, from puppies to senior canine companions, and all ages in between. Visit our site, email us if you have any questions, or give us a call to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about our products.

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