Training Treats 101: Keeping Your Dog Motivated and Well-Trained

Pets bring so much love and companionship to our lives, especially when they are trained properly. Dogs at any age are motivated by positive reinforcement and delicious treats top their list. Using them to your advantage and understanding what motivates a dog to respond to your commands takes time, patience, and consistency. Read on to learn helpful training tips and discover the best dog training treats for dog-wagging success! 

Treats are Powerful Positive Reinforcements

Treats are your best dog-training friend. When your furry friend performs a behavior, reward them with a tasty treat. Over time, they will make a positive association with that behavior, and repeat that behavior in the future. So, what are the best treats to encourage your dog? Keep in mind that not all treats or dogs are created equal. Select treats tailored to your dog. Here's how:

  • Choose The Right Size: Select very small treats, so you can give them frequently without overfeeding.
  • Healthy Is Best: Select the treats that are made with high-quality, natural, healthy ingredients like pumpkin and dehydrated meat. Stay away from fillers, chemicals, and additives.
  • Taste Is Everything: Experiment with different flavors to see what your dog enjoys. If they gobble it up, it’s the best treat for your puppy. If they turn their nose, move on.

Training Tips For Puppies

Puppies are full of energy and excitement and eager to see and learn new things. That said, they are easily distracted. Using the best treats for puppies will help you keep them focused.

  • Keep Things Light and Fun: Puppies love positive reinforcement. They want your attention and love. A good idea is to make training sessions like a fun game. Celebrate success with an enthusiastic, “Good Girl!,” or “Good Boy!”
  • Consistency Is Key: Consistency is the key to puppy training success. Reward good behavior right after it happens. When you're consistent, your puppy makes a positive connection between the behavior and the reward.
  • Use A Treat To Get our Puppy’s Focus: Puppies are full of energy and are easily distracted. Give your puppy a treat at the beginning of a training session to teach focus. Hold it close to your face and say,” Look here."

Training Tips For Older Best Friends

Even if you’ve rescued an older pup, you can teach old dogs new tricks! Remember, they are in a brand-new environment with different smells, people, and things to explore. It will take time for them to get familiar with you and be comfortable in their new home. It simply takes time and consistency.

  • Adjust To Your Dog’s Needs: Whether it is health issues, dietary restrictions, or weight problems, select healthy treats that align with nutritional needs.
  • Reward Positive Behaviors They Already Know: As you get to know each other, you’ll recognize good behaviors your dog already knows. Reward them as well as new ones to keep their skills intact and create a strong bond between you.
  • Introduce New Challenges: Mature dogs need mental stimulation, especially as they age. Introduce new tricks and stimulating activities to keep their minds active.
  • Combine With Other Rewards: In addition to treats there are other ways to reward your dog. Praising them with an enthusiastic, “Good Dog” will make them happy. Show affection with a pat on the head or a belly rub. Play fun activities like fetch or a few minutes with their favorite squeaky toy.

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