How Dehydrated Dog Treats Revolutionize Pet Nutrition

Cooked/Baked Treats vs. Dehydrated Treats for Dogs

When it comes to treats for our beloved furry friends, the market offers a plethora of options. However, navigating through this vast array of choices can often feel overwhelming. 
Traditionally, cooked/baked treats have been a go-to option for pet owners worldwide. At DogDeli, we pride ourselves in producing handmade dehydrated treats that provide a distinctive and delightful twist to the conventional treat experience. Our treats undergo a gentle dehydration process, carefully designed to retain essential nutrients. They also boast an irresistible texture that never fails to make tails wag with joy.

Wondering about the difference between cooked/baked treats and dehydrated treats? Let's explore it further!

The Process of Cooking/Baking

High temperature decreases the nutritional value

During this process, certain ingredients need to be properly cooked at high temperatures. While this process provides pathogen control, it also poses challenges when it comes to retaining the nutritional value of the treats. 

For instance, when meat is cooked/baked at high temperatures, protein molecules undergo a transformation that leads to the creation of artificial amino acids. Unfortunately, these are not beneficial for your pet's nutritional needs. In fact, they can actually harm their body by replacing the essential amino acids they require for proper nourishment.

The heating process causes the molecules to form connections with each other, resulting in the development of a structure that doesn't exist naturally. This abnormal bonding prevents your pet's body from breaking down these new amino acids effectively. As a result, they start to accumulate and form clumps of coagulated proteins, almost like thickened masses.

Added preservatives for a longer shelf life

Furthermore, high-temperature cooking reduces the natural shelf life of treats. Without moisture removal during the cooking process, these treats are more susceptible to spoilage and have a shorter storage span. To address this, extra steps, such as adding preservatives, are often necessary to prolong their shelf life and maintain their quality.

If you're seeking treats that retain maximum nutrition or have a longer natural storage span without the need for preservatives, cooked/baked treats might not be the optimal choice.

The Process of Dehydration 

Low Temperature preserves nutrients 

Dehydration is a carefully crafted method of drying raw ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, using low-temperature air to eliminate moisture. This process not only concentrates the natural flavors but also preserves the essential nutrients found in the ingredients. The result? Gently cooked treats that pack a punch in terms of nutrition. It's like having a condensed version of goodness in every bite!

Longer shelf life with no preservatives

One of the remarkable benefits of the process is their long shelf life without the need for added preservatives. Since most of the moisture is removed during dehydration, these treats can be stored without compromising their quality or resorting to artificial additives. That means you can provide your furry companion with a wholesome and additive-free snack.

Low in calories

Not only are dehydrated treats irresistible to dogs, but they also offer the added advantage of being low in calories. This is particularly beneficial during training sessions, where multiple treats are often used as rewards. With dehydrated treats, you can provide frequent reinforcement without the risk of overindulgence or excessive calorie intake. This helps to maintain a healthy weight and avoid potential weight-related issues for your furry companion.

Unique needs are fulfilled

Dehydrated treats are particularly beneficial for finicky eaters, pets with allergies, dogs following elimination diets, those requiring novel protein sources, and pups with sensitivities to fillers or preservatives. Whether your dog prefers a soft and chewy texture or a crunchier bite, dehydrating allows for flexibility in creating treats that cater to individual taste preferences.

But that's not all! They also have a sturdy texture that doesn't crumble as easily. This makes them an ideal choice for training sessions or on-the-go adventures. 

So, why not give your pet the goodness of dehydrated treats? They are not only tasty but also promote the overall well-being of your pets. With their concentrated nutrition, extended shelf life, and compatibility with raw diets, dehydrated treats are a winning choice for both you, your furry friend, and the environment. Your pet deserves nothing but the best! Scroll through DogDeli’s handmade & natural dehydrated products and order online to have them delivered anywhere in the US. 

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