Dehydrated Chicken Feet: The Benefits!

Americans love their dogs, and these four-legged companions are much more to us than simple pets. Loyal, devoted and loving, your dog is always right there when you've had a hard day at work, want some company on a walk or need reminded how much you are adored. Dogs love us unconditionally, and we can repay them a bit by providing them with a healthy diet that will keep them feeling great and in peak condition. In addition to the daily meals offered, it's also important to use healthy dog treats that offer exceptional benefits and a great taste.

Benefits of Dehydrated Chicken Feet

It may not be the first thing you think of as a great treat for your dog, but dehydrated chicken feet actually offer your canine friend an excellent choice when it's time for a snack or a treat. There are several amazing benefits that dehydrated chicken feet provide for your dog.

• Dental Health: The dental health of your dog is important because a dental infection may cause serious health issues that include problems with the kidneys, the liver and the heart. If you'd prefer not to brush your dog's teeth, then you'll be glad to know that a daily treat of dehydrated chicken feet will remove the tartar and plaque that typically leads to dental problems in dogs. The crunchy texture of the dehydrated chicken feet contribute to excellent dental health and gum health as well.

• Joint Health: Dehydrated chicken feet are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are essential for the building of healthy connective tissue and cartilage. Dogs of any age may benefit from better joint health and mobility by snacking on this tasty treat, and it may also help improve the symptoms of arthritis in older dogs.

• Promotes Energy: Many dog treats found in the market today are filled with processed sugars that serve only to make your pet overweight and lethargic, but that's not the case with dehydrated chicken feet. These treats are high in protein, which support healthy energy levels. It also helps build muscle for working dogs and exceptionally active dogs.

• Highly Digestible: Most conscientious dog owners understand that cooked chicken bones pose a danger to dogs because they can easily splinter and cause choking or injuries, but dehydrated chicken feet are completely safe for your dog. The feet are mostly made up of cartilage, connective tissue and skin with almost no bones, and the dehydration process leaves them soft and easy to chew and digest.

• All Natural: Here at Dog Deli, our dehydrated chicken feet are sourced from chickens right here in the United States and are 100% natural. A perfect addition to your dog's raw diet, this treat is completely free of gluten, antibiotics, hormones, oils, salt, sugar and artificial flavors. To help ensure the safety of your dog, the nails have also been removed from these dehydrated chicken feet.

• Great Taste: We won't offer any item for sale that hasn't met with the approval of our dogs or the dogs of our satisfied customers, and our dehydrated chicken feet are a favorite here at Dog Deli. Dogs love the flavor of this treat, and it lasts long enough to provide a satisfying chewing experience.

Order Your Dehydrated Chicken Feet Today

We ship to all 50 states the same day for orders that are placed before 2 p.m., and orders over $50 ship for free. All other orders ship at a flat rate of $4.99, and returns are easy if your pet is not completely satisfied. We welcome any questions that you may have, and you're welcome to contact us any time.

Dehydrated Chicken feet

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