Dehydrated Raw Food for Dogs

In recent years the raw food movement has been popularized by the proponents of the natural dog diet or the diet of a dog living in the wild. They suggest that it should consist of mostly raw meat and some vegetables or berries.

The idea behind the raw food diet for dogs is simple: if you cook (thermally process) the food, then you may be missing out on some of the beneficial elements, which get destroyed by high temperatures. However, if you feed your dog raw foods, their diet is going to be wholesome, complete.

Most of the treats and the conventional dog food sold at pet stores get processed at very high temperatures. You can tell whether the food had been "baked" by the discoloration or browning of the kibbles. In contrast, the dehydrated raw treats will preserve some of the colors of the meats and vegetables used in recipes. Sometimes companies producing processed treats will add food dye to give it a more appealing appearance. But "good looks" will not fool a dog, who is equipped with a very delicate device to assess the chow in front of him - his nose.

Smell & Taste the Goodness

When it comes to smells, air-dried treats are superior to the baked ones. Most of the dogs will pick the raw dehydrated treats over the cooked food. Apparently, gentle air-drying - the process used by DogDeli, helps to retain the natural smell of the ingredients used in recipes

Since the ability to taste is closely related to the ability to smell, then a better smelling food will also taste great. A lot of companies add smell and taste enhancers to make food more palatable for the four-legged consumers. We, at DogDeli, rely only on the natural smells and tastes that come with fresh, high-quality ingredients. And if one wanted to know, this is probably our biggest secret!

Now you know why dogs can't resist our treats. And why dog owners prefer to buy DogDeli's products.


It's a well-known fact that if food is processed (cooked) at high temperatures, it will lose some of the beneficial nutrients, such as vitamins, enzymes, and essential proteins, as well as antioxidants. This will render the cooked food inferior to its raw alternative if we are to compare the nutritional value of otherwise similar products.

Dehydration by air-drying also decreases the moisture content of treats, which makes them lighter and less susceptible to spoilage. The later being explained by the dryness of the treats - the unfavorable conditions for harmful bacteria to reproduce or survive. That is why our treats are easy to store and to ship without refrigeration. That is also the reason why they are ideal for on-the-road snacks. They are not as messy as raw meat, yet deliver the same amount of nutrients, packed in smaller pieces (since dehydrated food shrinks in size).

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