Dog Birthday Treats

Dog Birthday Treats

We love celebrating each other's birthdays with cakes, candles, and presents, but what about man's best friend? There are actually numerous dog birthday treats available to surprise pups on their special days. This article will discuss the various dog treats available and why we should consider getting some for our closest furry friends' birthdays.

Why should owners buy treats for their dogs?

The first question we might ask is whether or not we should even buy treats for our dogs, especially as a birthday present. Do dogs even enjoy treats or is it more fun for the human? The fact is dogs, like many other pets, absolutely love being spoiled! In fact, they know when they are being fed a different kind of food. When a treat is presented, a dog who is trained may listen to sitting commands, prance on its feet, or show another form of attention and excitement.

There is most certainly a factor of treating a dog for its birthday that brings joy to the dog owner; however, dogs undoubtedly appreciate the gesture too. Periodically rewarding a dog with treats and playtime is one way to make our furry friends happy. These rewards can come in a variety of forms that you may not have known exist, and the following contains some dog birthday treat ideas that will make the most of your time with your pup.

Puppy Cake

Did you know it's possible to get a cake for your dog that your dog can eat too? There are a variety of cakes available both for purchase and to make on your own. Any of these birthday cake dog treats make a great treat for your dog.

Doggie Bags

These bags can be filled with a variety of different treats, ranging from doggie cakes to cookies. Consider getting your dog a mix of goodies instead of focusing on simply one option. Who doesn't like a bag of treats?

Doggie Ice Cream

Apart from cakes and cookies, there are also many options for ice cream suitable for a dog to eat! Believe it or not, most dogs actually love ice cream and are anxious to dip their noses into a cone. This idea is especially great if it's a hot summer month!

dog birthday treats dog in a birthday hat

Picking a Dog Treat - and Its Ingredients!

These ideas were just a few of the possibilities for your pup. Picking what you want to treat your dog with is a whole other story. Apparently, so is choosing the kinds of ingredients you allow your dog to, another important step in the process of treating your dog is deciding what kind of ingredients are allowed, what you don't want your dog to consume, and what kind of products are available that match those desires. Keep in mind what dogs are allowed to eat, but also keep in mind you can create your own doggie desserts where you know exactly what the products you give your dog contain!

How to Make Dog Birthday Treats: Homemade Dog Birthday Treats:

Homemade treats are another great option for a dog's birthday, especially for those owners with many nutritional concern for their best friends. If you're looking to create dog treats in your own home, you should consider some of the following options for some homemade dog treats for birthday events:

Delicious Meat Pie

If a dog is having a birthday, he may not be looking forward to a cake with the standard white flour and the mixed-in eggs. He's going to want something familiar to his own diet. For this reason, it is now possible to fill him up with a treat that is actually very meat based. First, take a pan of some kind and fill it up with chicken or ground beef. It will require some rice so that it can continue to cook into a nice cake consistency. This cake is basically a doggie meatloaf. Another option is to simply add the cake-like meats to the pup's bowl along with his favorite doggie food. For a cute touch, whatever is baked or served can be placed in a pan shaped like a bone - and some are even made of silicone now so they are safe in the oven!

Doggie Cakes - Actual Cakes!

While some doggie cakes can be bought as is in the store, others are sold as cake mixes. You can find doggie cake options in various flavors such as pumpkin or even banana. Peanut butter is a classic flavor for many, too, as pups love to lick that sticky stuff out of chew toys. You can either purchase a pre-made cake or find a mix and make your dog's own birthday cake just in time for his little puppy party!

Fruit Salad Party

If you're looking for a special treat to make your pup from home that is not something that requires special ingredients or that isn't simply opening a can of a rich food he loves, you might as well consider a fruit salad. Yup, fruit! Imagine being a dog and having very little alternatives to your daily regime: seeing a plate of fruit in front of you is something that is suddenly so surprising and delightfully different for your pet! The only key thing to focus on if making a fruit salad for your dog is to completely avoid ingredients like grapes at any and all expenses! Dogs cannot have grapes; however, they are more than welcome to snack on sliced bananas, chunks of watermelon, and even slices of apples in their little birthday treat!

What Not to Include

When picking a treat for your dog, perhaps the most important thing to remember is what you should not be feeding your pup. It can be easy to want to spoil your dog, especially on their birthday; however, it is necessary to keep in mind dogs should and should not eat certain types of foods. These limitations largely have to do with the toxicity of some food types, meaning neglecting to adhere to certain veterinarian recommendations could result in tragic health issues for your pet. Here is some information on the kinds of food you should focus on as well as avoid:

Foods Not to Feed Your Dog

Almonds: Certain nuts are very toxic to dogs, but almonds more or less pose a danger for choking. They can also be salted and cause too much retention of water, a condition which could accelerate heart disease. Macadamia nuts should also be avoided.

Chocolate: Another no-no! Never give a dog chocolate in any substantial amount.

If a dog has gotten into a chocolate stash, monitor him and possibly contact your vet.

Also keep in mind that not all "chocolate" products may contain chocolate. It is possible some flavors are imitation products. To be safe, stick with peanut butter flavored options that are available for a number of doggie treats, including cakes, cookies, and other "baked" puppy goods.

Garlic: Any kind of garlic, onion, or leek plant can cause serious issues in dogs.

These effects may not be immediately evident, so any pup that has consumed something in the onion family should be monitored for several days after consumption to assure nothing is affecting his or her system.

Ice Cream: Human versions contain too much sugar. Make sure to stick to doggie kinds that are specific for canine companions.

Foods to Feed Your Dog

Bread: Letting dogs have a little of plain, non-raisin bread is okay. Sadly, bread won't be a health booster for dogs, but won't hurt them either. Homemade types are the best to feed them.

Cashews: Just a little bit of these nuts are alright for pups, too. They can be good for providing nutrients so long as they are unsalted. Giving too many can be an issue for dogs who need to have more fat considering cashews have leaner values than other nuts like them.

Cheese: In tiny amounts, cheese is fine for a dog who can tolerate lactose. The high fat versions, if eaten too often, could pose an issue. Lower fat versions may work better in some scenarios.Coconut: This fruit can have protective benefits for dogs, whether in the raw form, as a milk, or as an oil. Just make sure the pup doesn't chew on the outside shell.

It's always fun and memorable to celebrate special days and moments with our pets. They are, after all, part of the family. We just have to make sure the fun is all done with reasonable amounts of health. For example, we should never give dogs or cats treats that might be unhealthy for them, too hot, or even made of certain foods that they cannot properly process. We should also take care when adding special things like candles or other decorations that could pose as hazards. These precautions are relevant for when we are feeding our pets as well as when we create any birthday treats for a dog treat birthday cake as the ingredients used in birthday treats for dogs should be non-hazard, non-choking, and well out of reach of any canine friends.

Once all of these factors have been taken into consideration, we are left with some great dog treats, an amusing atmosphere, and some memories that will last a long time. Whether your best birthday treats for dogs are homemade or purchased from reliable and delicious sources, your dog is bound to remember his or her special birthday!

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