Guide to Giving Your Dog Treats Without Over Feeding Them

Guide to Giving Your Dog Treats Without Over Feeding Them

Dogs are among some of the smartest animals, which is why they make such great companions. They can be trained to perform a wide range of actions and obey commands that other animals can’t register. During the training process, many owners opt to use treats to reward their pets, but the question stands: how can you give your dogs treats without overfeeding them? In this blog post, we’ll share a guide that will answer this question and detail how healthy treats from DOGDELI can help.

Reward-Based Training

One of the best ways to train your dog is through reward-based training supported by positive reinforcement. This can be achieved by offering your dogs a reward every time they perform a trick or behavior you’re trying to teach them. Unfortunately, it’s easy for owners to get carried away when giving edible treats to their eager to please dogs. As a result, your canine may begin to gain more weight than they should. Try these alternatives to ensure that your beloved dog doesn’t pile up the pounds during training sessions.

Physical Activities

Be sure to keep an open mind about how you provide treats to your pets — eating isn’t the only form of reward that you can provide your pets while training. Some dogs would rather be praised with affection from their owners or through a game. Every pet is different, so they will all respond to a different kind of “treat” which they will all appreciate, whether you give them something to eat or not.

Healthy Treats

If your dog is the kind that needs to get food when learning new behaviors, then you need to carefully choose which treats to offer. Some treats contain more calories than others, and as such, you need to watch out for how much you hand out. It’s best to choose foods that are low in calories, and opt for vegetables rather than meats. Furthermore, it’s best to limit when you reward or how often you reward to keep your dogs in top shape.

Knowing When To Stop

This step is crucial — knowing when you need to stop giving your dog treats is part of the training process. When your good boy or girl has learned all there is to know, there’s no need to keep feeding him or her with treats. One critical mistake that owners make is that they keep providing treats, even when it’s no longer needed.

Natural and Healthy Dog Treats

If you’re looking for a premium dog treat that offers all-natural and top-quality ingredients, switch over to DOGDELI, a healthy and tasty alternative to the usual store-bought treats. With a focus on your dog’s nutrition and lifestyle, DOGDELI treats will ensure that your dog gets the best health-boosting ingredients available. No matter what the occasion, we have something healthy and delicious for your pup to enjoy. For the best natural dog treats, trust in DOGDELI.

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