Our Treats Are More Than Just Another Bag of Treats

non protein dog treats

As a dog owner, you think of your canine friends as part of your family. Just as you would be careful with what your children eat, you are also concerned about the food your dog eats. At DOGDELI, we seek to make high-quality dog treats that are nutritious and satisfying.

Treats that Started with Love

The DOGDELI story started with two Yorkshire Terriers who both had food issues. Commercially available foods did not work well with Nancy’s sensitive stomach or Simona’s food allergies. As we learned how to make healthy food, we also found a way to make healthful, delicious treats.

Simple and Nutritious

Is easy enough to walk down the pet aisle in the grocery store and find a cheap box of treats. Most of these foods are overly processed and contain artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. We have consulted with veterinarians in the effort to understand the unique nutritional needs of dogs. Our dehydrating process produces treats made from real meat without added salt, sugar, starch or other preservatives.

Carefully Produced in Small Batches

We maintain the quality of our product by producing it in small batches with only the best ingredients. We use human-grade meats from the USA that we know your dogs will love. Whether you use it as a training reward or a supplemental snack, your animal will always appreciate a DOGDELI treat. We are so certain that your dog will enjoy our products that we offer a full refund if there is an issue.

Made for a Variety of Needs

Some dogs will eat anything that comes within sniffing distance, but other dogs have specialized needs. As a dog ages, it may require a restricted diet. DOGDELI produces products for a variety of health issues.

  • Food allergies: Like many humans with food sensitivities, some dogs with food allergies do better with products made from wild game meats. Our rabbit, venison, elk and wild boar treats help meet this need.
  • Low-protein diet: Dogs with kidney failure require a low-protein or no-protein diet. Our dehydrated sweet potato chips and veggie chips provide your dogs with non protein dog treats.
  • Diabetic dogs: As with humans, diabetes is growing as a chronic problem for dogs. Our meat-based snacks are high in protein and have no added sugars. Your dog can enjoy chicken chips, turkey jerky and dried pig ears while maintaining the right glucose level.

Made with care in our South Florida kitchen, our products are more than just another bag of treats. They come from a combination of research, practice and love. At DOGDELI, we are dedicated to providing good dogs with great treats.

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