Top 5 Reasons You Should Treat Your Dog to Rabbit Meat

  1. Rabbit is a great source of protein and vitamins! Rabbit has a higher protein content than other common meats found in pet treats: higher than chicken, pork, veal, duck, or lamb! Rabbit’s high protein and B12 content will keep your dog energized, and the amino acids present in rabbit meat will help repair muscles. Perfect for a treat after a day playing in the park or hiking in the woods! Rabbit meat is also one of the leanest meats out there, making it an excellent treat for a pup with a few pounds to lose. Plus, DogDeli Rabbit Patties are whole rabbit treats, meaning the rabbit bones are ground up along with the meat--which means plenty of extra calcium to keep their bones strong.

  2. In addition to all that protein, rabbit meat is full of healthy fats to keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and soft. (And if that soft, shiny coat convinces you for a few extra belly rubs, your pup sure won’t complain!) Those healthy fats aren’t just good for shiny fur--they’ll help keep your dog’s joints lubricated and moving well. If your dog has mobility issues, rabbit treats could be part of a diet that helps keep them mobile and in good spirits. 

  3. It’s a novel protein! Novel proteins are proteins that might be new to your dog. If your hound has allergies or sensitivities, rabbit is a great choice to give their stomachs a break from other proteins that might be irritating them. By switching to rabbit, your sensitive dog can enjoy treats without tummy trouble.

  4. Rabbit has less environmental impact than other red meats like lamb or beef, and is primarily farmed in the US by small, local businesses. Want to give your dog a healthy treat, Mother Earth a helping hand, and support small business? Try rabbit meat!

  5. And finally….dogs enjoy rabbit meat! If your dog has never had rabbit meat before, they’ll enjoy the experience. Dogs appreciate variety in their meals, and a delicious treat like DogDeli’s Rabbit Patties will be a welcome taste adventure for your pet. 

Ready to try out rabbit meat? DogDeli’s Rabbit Patties are 100% natural and don’t contain artificial flavors, hormones, or antibiotics. 

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