Unmasking the Mystery: What's Really in Your Dog Treats?


All dog owners only want what's best for their pups. But while they might buy certain products like treats thinking that they're getting something that's nutritious and delicious, the reality is that the smart branding and attractive packaging are tricking you into believing you're getting the best for your dog. Most pet owners don't know exactly what they're feeding their dogs. Let's take a closer look at what's really in the dog treats you're buying and why alternatives like treats from Dogdeli are the right choice for your pooch.

What Are in Today's Dog Treats?

A company that manufactures dog treats is surely going to have your dog's best interest in mind, right? While it's a logical thought process, there are many companies out there looking to maximize profits by using the cheapest ingredients rather than the right ones. So, what does that look like? While you might be thinking that you get pure, nutritional ingredients in your treats, you'll often find additives and fillers like wheat flour, corn, brewer's rice, pea protein, and poultry byproducts. Many of these don't serve to support your dog's health but fulfill the bare minimum that you expect from these products.

Of course, this is the best possible scenario. Unfortunately, there are dog treats out there that don't just use poor ingredients but ones that could actively be detrimental to your pup's health. If you currently have generic dog treats from the store, check the back of the product's packaging for the following ingredients:

  • Synthetic preservatives like BHA/BHT, Ethoxyquin, and Propylene glycol, all can upset your dog's digestive tract as well as damage their liver and nervous system.
  • Filler ingredients fail to add any nutritional value to the treat and make them feel full without feeding them anything they need.
  • Refined sugars or artificial sugars like fructose or corn syrup can lead to obesity in your furry friend.
  • Animal byproducts contain undesirable parts of the animal and may even be derived from diseased animals.
  • Artificial dyes.
  • Added sodium.

It's frightening how many harmful ingredients can be found in some of the mainstream dog treats. But while you now know what to avoid, which products should you actively seek out to make sure you're giving your dog the right treats?

Dogdeli Treats: A Healthier Approach to Treats

It's important to approach a company you can trust with the health of your pet, and Dogdeli treats can be a better alternative to what you currently have in your pantry. Created using only natural, high-quality ingredients, products like our Healthy Dog Chews contain no fillers or additives, featuring only pork skin and beef liver to ensure that your dog is getting what they need to feel full and properly cared for. We even offer products like training treats featuring dehydrated beef hearts or dehydrated chicken. When you switch over to treats with these types of ingredients, you know that your dog is being well-fed and avoiding all of the ingredients that are harming their health over time. When it comes to your pup, why would you want to give them anything other than the best?

Give Your Pup the Healthy Treats They Deserve With Dogdeli

Dogdeli operates with the mission of feeding our dogs treats that contain real, healthy ingredients. Whether you're on the hunt for the best treats for puppies or something you can give your older dog like treats for joint support, our vast range of dehydrated dog treats is sure to support your dog's health without all of the fillers you'll find in similar products. Ready to take control of your pet's well-being? Shop our collection of healthy dog treats now or contact us if you have any questions!

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