Why DogDeli Chews Stand Out From Other Dog Treats

Dog chews and treats are a great way to keep your pup happy while ensuring that he stays healthy as well. In particular, dog chews are the easiest way to prevent dental problems in dogs. With so many different types of chews on the market, it is important to choose an option that is safe and healthy for your furry friend. DogDeli has created a range of healthy chews that are very safe for your dog, plus they have a great taste and texture that your dog will love.

The Hidden Dangers of Dog Chews

There are many other types of dog chews that are very common, but they all pose potential problems for your dog. Rawhide is one of the most popular types of chews, but it's made using a wide array of chemicals such as bleach and glue. Many people believe that these chews are made from meat, but they are actually made from a preserved animal hide that has been through excessive processing. Rawhide will keep your dog occupied for a long time, but the texture of the chew will quickly go soft, which can pose a choking hazard.

Many people also give their dogs bone chews, but these can also be dangerous. They are very hard and your dog could choke on it if it breaks into small pieces. Bully sticks are also problematic because they aren't fully digestible. If your dog swallows a bully stick, he might end up needing surgery. With so many dangerous chews on the market, it's important to find one you can trust.

Why DogDeli Chews are Different

DogDeli has recently released a line of natural dog chews that are safe and healthy for your dog. They are made from dehydrated pork skin, and all of the fat has been removed by hand. Some of the chews also have natural chicken and liver flavoring to make them more appealing for picky dogs. There are no unnatural flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors. The chews also don't contain any salt, sugar, or grain. 

These chews are hard enough that they will have your dog gnawing away for as long as 45 minutes for medium sized dogs. They prevent plaque and tartar from building up on your dog's teeth, because the hard texture will scrape the teeth as your dog is chewing. Despite their hard texture, they are still completely digestable, so there's no risk of choking or stomach problems. They even contain glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which will keep your dog's joints healthy. These nutrients lubricate the joints, making it easier for your dog to move and reducing their risk of injury and chronic pain. DogDeli chews will keep your dog happily satisfied when he gets the urge to chew, and they will give you peace of mind knowing that they are healthy and safe.



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